Luxury Alpaca

Specializing in high quality, soft and comfortable Alpaca Socks. 

We also offer unique Glittens, Hats, Scarves, Alpaca Dryer Balls, Alpaca Felted Soaps, Bird Nesting materials and other Alpaca related products. Styles, colors and items vary so be sure to check back often to see what may be new.

We have everything from a lighter dress sock all the way up to a heavier boot style sock for your outdoor winter activities. 

The alpacas are raised right here on our ranch and are not harmed during the shearing process. 

Alpacas do not contain Lanolin like sheep do, so those who are often allergic to wool, are able to wear Alpaca!

Now offering items from one of my other passions...Unique, specialty dog related items. Harnesses, Leashes, Toys, Dog related signs for your home decor,

 and more to come in the future! 

Come back to check out what may be new in the future...

About Luxury Alpaca...

Luxury Alpaca all started with my love for Alpacas! In 2010 I acquired my Alpaca Ranch, Ocean Road Alpacas and quickly realized their wonderful qualities and amazingly soft and warm Fiber. I wanted to share this amazing product with everyone I knew, and now I am able to with the start of my retail store, Luxury Alpaca. Alpaca Fiber is simply one of the best materials available in today's market. Alpaca "hair" is called Fleece or Fiber. Alpaca Fiber has 22 natural shades ranging from black to silver and rose gray and white, from mahogany brown to light fawn and champagne. Alpaca's natural colors do not fade over time, reducing the need for dying. The Fiber of the Alpaca can be used for clothing. Alpaca Fiber is as soft as cashmere, warmer and lighter weight than wool & without the prickle-factor that some wools carry. Since Alpaca Fiber has no lanolin, it is typically hypoallergenic to most wearers. Alpacas are sheared annually, typically in the spring time. The Fiber can be sold raw, processed into roving, spun into yarn, knitted or woven into fine fabrics. No animals are harmed in the process of shearing them for their Fiber.

Once you experience your first time wearing Alpaca, you will quickly understand the amazing Luxury of this product!

Jeremy Hanks/Luxury Alpaca

Proper Care

Jeremy Hanks

store owner

Machine washing: When machine washing is advised, we recommend the following: Use a mild detergent. Wash and dry after turning socks inside out. Machine wash in cold, lay flat to dry or tumble dry on cold/air setting. Do not use the hand wash cycle in a washing machine. Use the wool cycle. Wash dark colors separately. Wash in a mesh laundry bag to reduce agitation. This will avoid the alpaca socks getting stretched and losing their shape.

Alpaca is a natural fiber, free from lanolin and naturally hypoallergenic. It is hollow and wonderfully thermal. It does not absorb moisture, rather it wicks it away.

Budget: High performance socks don’t come cheap. However, wearing the right socks makes the price seem not as important in the long run. Socks made from other materials may be less expensive, but they soak up foot moisture and hold it in, meaning your feet feel colder and are more prone to blisters.

Design: It’s nice to have different kinds of socks to try out to see what fits your foot best according to your needs. Just remember more alpaca in a pair of socks doesn’t mean they are a higher quality, 100% Pure Alpaca socks would wear through, shrink, pill and be a waste of money.

Function: The quality of Alpaca Socks varies greatly depending on the end use. Inexperienced makers don't take this into consideration. Using grades 1 or 2 Alpaca in say a Hiking Sock would cause it to pill and wear through, it’s just too soft, yet using grade 4 or 5 would cause foot irritation, while using the same alpaca grade in a dress sock would make it itchy because of the weight. We research and choose the right alpaca for the proper use.

Brand trust: Look for a reliable retailer who can guarantee authenticity on all its products. You will have some peace of mind that you are getting genuine quality Alpaca Socks and that no animal is injured to collect its fleece. Remember proper foot care, and wearing the right socks is essential for happy feet!


Luxury Alpaca is located 8 miles east of Mankato MN, or 5 miles west of Janesville MN along Hwy. 14. 

Store front located at...

20811 Ocean Road Janesville MN 56048

Farm store hours vary depending on the season. Please call to schedule an appointment. 507-388-3211